Our pictures speak for themselves. If you are not willing to change your eating, you will not have results and keep the results. We love working out with Lisa and the money is well spent. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine each month, and a ton of money on eating out, and buying processed and prepackaged foods, we shifted it to regular exercise, fresh food, and can afford the twice a month chiropractor and weekly massages on top of that. If I thought about how much money we would spend when we first started this, I might have made excuses that it couldn’t be done. We do spend money each month on these things, but it is totally worth the bodies we now have, free of meds and full of energy. And - - have Lisa clean out your pantry. If it isn’t in your house, you won’t eat it. That also applies to your kids. Our kids had a rough 2 weeks, and now eat what we give them. They still grumble a bit, but they still eat. They were eating mac-n-cheese, white bread, top ramen and chicken nuggets every single day before this – it can be done. Don’t let your kids run what is in your pantry or you will fail. Be willing to put up with the whining for a few weeks and it will be well worth it.
Shelly & Jeff, Saratoga Springs, UT

Over a year ago I decided that it was time I got some help with my exercising. I had done the occasional running and lifting weights, but never anything consistant. A friend reccommended I start working out with Lisa. She was very flexible with her schedule and I was able to get a time that worked well  for her and with my work schedule. I love that she has a specialized workout for me every week, and is willing to target any area I feel needs work. She keeps me motivated and consistant with my work outs. She has taught me about more then just exercise. I have learned how to eat, sleep and live better. Since I started working out with lisa, I have married, and my fear of the newlywed weight gain was non-exsistant. I have been able to wear a swim suit with confidence. I have lost about 15 pounds and have toned up more than I thought was possible. I have more energy and strength every day. Lisa is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Corrine, Eagle Mountain, UT

I can't say enough about Lisa and ALL THE MANY ways she helps me. She has not just been MY trainer it seems she is also MY FAMILY'S trainer. What I have learned I have taken and passed on to my family. We have all learned a new and much healthier lifestyle. I am very impressed with Lisa's ability to share her wealth of knowledge. She does this with out making me feel silly for not knowing basic concepts of a healthy life. Lisa has taught me not just about working out but also eating right. She has opened my eyes to a "A WHOLE NEW WORLD"(I know your singing it!). Really, I have experienced a life change and so has my family. Because of Lisa and her efforts my family and I will share a longer healthier life. Working out with Lisa has changed my outlook on who I am and what I can accomplish. With her in your corner you can set goals and work to make them happen!!
Lisa is very positive and amazing. I know Lisa loves what she does. I have personally felt the great satisfaction and joy she gets when I suceed. Lisa doesn't just train others because its a job. She does it because she cares about them, and wants them to be their (healthy) best. Here's to an all new healthier,slimmer me!!
Carrie, Eagle Mountain, UT

When I met Lisa in April of 2009, I had no idea she would change my life.  I had started a weight loss journey and was at a point where I was trying to decide if I was “good enough” after a 50 lb weight loss.  At the time I was around 150 lbs at 5’2”.  I started training with her in August and was SHOCKED to learn that food could taste good!  I had spent so many months dieting and had resolved to just eat to survive and not to enjoy it. Training with Lisa was a pivotal time in my life.  Her knowledge of nutrition is invaluable.  Her ability to push me farther than I thought was capable changed me forever.  There is nothing MORE valuable than health and Lisa knows how to live a healthy life and is always willing to share it with others.  She has inspired me to become a personal trainer and helped me to inspire others to LIVE HEALTHY!!  There is no greater weapon then to have a person at your side who KNOWS you can do it, even when you aren’t sure.  Lisa was that person for me.  She pushed me to do more, be more and enjoy life. 
I love Lisa!
Karilynn Adams, Wellington Colorado

Lisa is awesome!  I set a New Year’s resolution to tone up and lose my baby weight.  I wanted to give myself the best possible chance and be accountable.  When I called Lisa I was overweight and out of shape.  She helped me start at a place that was reasonable for me.  She is realistic and has been great to work with.  She brings fun equipment and new moves that are not the same old boring thing.  I love when she comes to give me a new workout, because it’s always a challenge and it’s so fun to change up the routine.  I’ve been working with Lisa now for almost a year and my body is completely different.  I finished my first 5K ever this summer, running the entire time.  I know the strength and endurance that I gained working with Lisa helped me achieve that goal.  She takes clients and education seriously and she is always on time, prepared, and motivating!
Amber E. Baker, Eagle Mountain, UT

I needed help. I was working 60+ hours a week and felt a lot of stress in my life, my body was showing the consequences. Gratefully, I found Lisa, who was an answer to my prayers!  Lisa deeply cares about people. Not only did she provide incredible workouts that were tailored for me, she also offered additional support for meals, nutritional ideas and support for a healthy lifestyle in a busy schedule. I loved my time with Lisa. The workouts were different each time keeping it interesting and fun. Lisa tailored the workouts to my needs but also kept me very challenged. I saw my body transform, I felt stronger, happier, and healthier. Lisa's knowledge, experience, and expertise distinguish her from other trainers and I find her to be invaluable. Beyond the training, Lisa educated me with a foundation of skills for a healthy lifestyle. I will forever be grateful for Lisa and her positive and lasting influence in my life!
Amy S., Provo, UT


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Thank you SO much for helping us get in great shape for the Caribbean! We all felt so good and looked sexy for our hubbys.  Thanks for pushing us and keeping the workouts fun.  We wouldn't have done it without you!
Minnette, Jenn & Melissa, Saratoga Springs, UT

"The other day I was talking with some friends about exercising and said, "Isn't it frustrating when you work out like crazy but stay chubby, then you have a skinny neighbor who seems to look perfect no matter what?" My neighbor laughed and said, "Yeah, I have that neighbor - it's you!" I paused for a moment and thought, really? I'm the skinny girl?! That is so awesome!
Over the years, the weight on my scale had slowly crept up, but it wasn't until after I gave birth to my first baby that I realized I was fat. None of my clothes fit, I felt gross when I looked in the mirror, and worst of all I assumed I would be that way forever. I had seen countless women gain weight after having babies, and very few who shed it afterwards. I was so resigned to my fate that I gave away a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes and shopped for larger sizes. I went back to the gym and worked out, but stayed about the same size. This further cemented in my mind that my new weight was permanent.
However, there was a woman at the gym who taught a class on Friday mornings. Her name was Lisa. She frequently talked about nutrition and how important it was to eat well, but I never really took to heart anything she said. I don't remember when it happened, but something finally clicked and I began paying attention. I started asking her questions and reading books she suggested. It changed everything for me. By the time my baby was 9 months old, I had not only returned to my former weight, but flown right past it. I was skinnier (and more importantly) healthier than I had ever been in my whole life.
When my second baby came, I found myself again postpartum and chubby. I knew I had done it once, and could do it again, so I went back to the gym with a vengeance. But the gym alone didn't work! It was Lisa who reminded me how to eat, and inspired me to start over again. After years of asking for free advice, I finally decided to pay for her expertise and attended a nutritional consultation at her home. She spent two hours with me, going over restaurant menus, meal ideas, and discussing healthier alternatives to what I was currently eating. All the books in the world won't give you the one on one attention that Lisa can give to your diet. I went home and replaced many items from my pantry with better alternatives, and I quickly dropped several more pounds following her advice.
I have spent a lot of money in my life on education, most of which is not very useful in everyday life. I've read many books, and picked the brains of so many knowledgeable people. One of the greatest and most influential I have ever met has been Lisa Boucher. If it weren't for her, heaven knows what I would weigh or feel. Instead, I am healthy, happy and lean! I recommend Lisa and her services without any reservation. In fact, I wish everyone would have a chance to sit down with Lisa and talk food. The world would be a much happier, healthier place."
Abby, Lehi, UT

I started training with Lisa at a time in my life when I was not at my best. I was not comfortable with my weight, I was out of shape and tired all the time and just didn't feel good about myself. I had tried different weight loss avenues and like many had failed without seeing results. Within weeks of training with Lisa, I had more energy, my clothes started to fit better and I was actually losing weight. Lisa helped me to recognize what I was doing with my diet that was preventing me from losing weight. She gave me meal ideas and taught me how to manage my food intake so that I was watching my portions without going hungry! As I continued to train with Lisa, my strength improved, my weight continued to drop so that within months I had not only reached my goal but surpassed it and I felt great! Lisa's workouts are never dull or monotnous-she tailors them to my needs and changes them frequently so that I actually look forward to training with her and can adapt the workouts to train on my own. I have known Lisa for a very long time; she is a fun, energetic, positive person and working out with her has literally changed my life. 
Cassie A., Saratoga Springs, UT

I was ready to change my life.  Getting healthy was most important to me.  I had heard so many different opinions from so many different places that I was confused even though I had "heard it all before!"  I had to find somebody I could trust to give me correct information in a way that would help me keep my motivation to change my life.  I needed somebody to answer my questions, give me guidance, put me in my place when I needed it, believe in me even when I didn't believe in myself and most importantly I needed somebody I could trust to really know their stuff.  Then a friend introduced me to Lisa!  The first thing I remember her telling me was that she could see I was on the verge of life changes and that she would like to be a part of my journey.  I have been so glad to have Lisa as a guide through this incredibly emotional, difficult and fulfilling journey!  My life is forever changed, as yours will be when you decide to get healthy and happy.  Lisa was just the person I needed to have as a guide and I'm grateful for her knowledge, hard work, and the way she can kick my butt when I need it!
Theresa E., Lehi, UT

I started my sessions with Lisa soon after my baby was born. I had gained nearly 60 pounds during pregnancy and had been on bed rest for 6 weeks. I felt lousy, self conscious, and too weak to even walk down the stairs. Once I began working with Lisa, I immediately felt better because of the increased energy I had. Lisa also helped me implement healthier eating habits. My body underwent a miraculous change and I gained back my self confidence. It was not easy and Lisa pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. This was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. To accomplish something that I never perceived as possible. I know that continuing my workouts with Lisa and eating healthy will help me reach my weight loss goals. 
Lacey L., Saratoga Springs, UT

Lisa is a brilliant trainer.  When I first started training with her (nearly 3 years ago) I went expecting her to help me with my weight loss goals.  At the time I felt that was the only thing I should be concerned about.  Little did I know the wealth of knowledge I would come away with.  Not only did she help me achieve my goals, she coached me with weight training, food and nutrition, the physics behind the physique and most importantly she taught me lifestyle management for maintenance of a fit and healthy body.  She is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with.  She pushes you and keeps you motivated just when you feel like giving up.  She is skilled, knowledgeable and takes her continued education very seriously.   I love that even after 3 years  I can go to a workout expecting new things to increase my strength and ability level.  I guess my only complaint would be that now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe!  Thanks Lisa! 
Jennifer Turcsanski, Saratoga Springs, UT

I have tried many different weight loss programs and quick fix solutions to losing weight, but found no lasting success. The day I started working out with Lisa, I knew I had found the program for me. Lisa not only provides a custom, tailored program for nutrition, strength training, and weight loss, but she provides the personal encouragement and support to overcome the challenges and pitfalls of getting in shape. Lisa helped me believe in myself and my abilities to get healthy and loose weight. I felt strong and empowered to take control of my physical and emotional health and loose weight naturally. I didn’t have to rely on pills or an easy way out to weight loss, I could eat sensibly and push the limits of my workout and literally see my body change for the better. I love working out with Lisa because she is genuinely excited to share in your weight loss triumphs. She wants you to succeed and she is always there with words of encouragement pushing you to do one more push-up or do one more rep and helps you achieve more than you ever thought possible. I lost 38 pounds in just 4 months and feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. 
Darcelle B., Cedar City, UT