Never give up! Never Give in!

Hi! My name is Lisa Boucher and I am a personal fitness instructor. If you look to the right of my photo, there is a statement that I live by everyday.....NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN! Do you need a change in your life? Do you need someone to help get you on the right healthy living track? Well, I am the person for you!

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What are we feeding ourselves, our children our families? Who can we rely on to make and choose healthy eating choices for ourselves and the ones we love? It starts with you and understanding what we ingest into our bodies. It starts with educating ourselves on food and particularly sugar and the effects that it has on our body...not just for the moment but in the future. Look at the following clips and ask yourself if you need a refresher course in Health 101.

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I am certified through AFAA, FITOUR, AEA as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor (Land & Water). I have speciality training in Weight Training, Pilates, Postural Assessments, PNF stretching, Senior Fitness, Core Training and Nutrition.

I LOVE working one on one with my clients and motivating them to reach their fullest potential. I know that being healthy and fit can dramatically improve quality of life. I would love to help you get there too! Email, call me or fill out the contact form and let's see what we can do to get you started today